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Have you ever ask your self this question? what business can i start with 10000 naira/ 10k. Meanwhile, I’ll be giving you detail guide.

Starting a business in Nigeria for 10,000 Naira is very possible, if your a student or you just don’t have much capital to start a business then this article will expose you to some small capital (Less than N10,000 to start) businesses.

You can start these businesses with more than 10,000 Naira, it depends on how Large scale or Small scale you want to start them.

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5 Businesses You Can Start With 10000 Naira

  1. Bulk SMS Business
  2. Okrika Business
  3. Phone Accessories Business
  4. Selling Fairly Used Books
  5. Fruit Juice Business


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1. Bulk SMS Business


What business can i start with 10000 naira / 10k

Bulk SMS business is a business that doesn’t require much effort or capital to start, in a day you could be earning anywhere from N2000 – N4000 when starting.

This business is so easy to start that even with 10000 Naira you can get alot of customers and gain income.

There are many Bulk Sms website but I recommend BULKSMSNIGERIA because they are the best in terms of Bulk SMS Service.

What Business Can I Start With 5000 Naira

Simply visit their site and register, use your 10000 Naira to fund your sms account and thats all.

After you fund your account, all you need to do now is let churches around you know about your services. Reduce the rates for them and you’ll earn money for life.

You can expand this business with time but with N10000 you can start and be successful.

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2. Okrika Business

What business can i start with 10000 naira/ 10k


Yes, with 10000 Naira only you can start selling Okrika in Nigeria. This is guaranteed one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria.

With as little as 10000 Naira you can buy 1 Bale worth of Okrika from a trusted supplier and sell for more.

If you would like to start this business then LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, I can connect you with some major suppliers in the game.



3. Phone Accesories Business




What business can i start with 10000 naira

This business involves selling common mobile phone accessories like earphones, chargers, headsets, USB connectors, etc.

With as little as 10,000 Naira, you can purchase phone accessories (Phone Chargers, USB Cables, Earphones, etc) from stores like Aliexpress / Chinabrands.

it is very cheap when you buy in bulk, 10000 Naira can get your more than 70 – 80 units.

Once you receive the Imported phone accessories, you can either sell to your friends or find shops you can supply to.

You can also target university students that may require Phone accessories.



4. Selling Fairly Used Books

What business can i start with 10000 naira / 10k



Selling fairly used books is very profitable if you find the right audience, visit some shops in your local market and you’ll find out that nobody buys their books.

This makes them cheaper to buy and resell.

To start this business, you simply need to find a used books store near you then purchase in bulk (with N10000) popular books you think will sell.

This business depends on knowing enough book readers that may be interested, it’s not for everyone.


5. Fruit Juice Business


If your more of a kitchen type then with as low as 10000 Naira you can start a fruit juice business, its easy to make and the profit is high (N10000 worth of juice when sold could return up to 30,000 Naira if you market it right).

One thing I would suggest when starting this business is thinking about Branding and Packaging as its what will make your sales more easier and trusted.


These are the Top 5 ideas I could think of If you have more or you found this article useful then kindly drop a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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