Have you been looking for way to learn how to start a blog in Nigeria? If yes, you are at the right place to get all the information you need you to succeed as a blogger in Nigeria. Kindly note that after going through this course you will be able to set up your blog and still know how to manage it.

Yes! as the title implies “in less than 20 minutes and make money”. There is no lies in it, at Toshconsult we deliver ultimate guide contents that will solve our readers/audience problem.

You see, blogging stream have changed unlike last ten years whereby people were making it easily through blogging. But right now you need to get set for business because people have turned blogging to business.

Just last month i got a call from one of my students asking me to create a step by step guide on how to start a blog business that makes money in Nigeria. Same thing happened this week, i received more than a call and they were all requesting the thing.

So i thought about how i can easily pass the information needed to these people and that leads to creating this great content. And trust me, its full loaded with all you need to get started. Yes, you will win because you are getting this guide from an expert who’s already a successful blogger in Nigeria but now a programmer.

Now let’s go straight to our main business we are here today, how to start a blogging business in Nigeria and makes money. But before we get started, i’d like to make you clear of some stuffs.

Is Blogging Lucrative in Nigeria?

Before you go into any business be it online or offline it is very important to do your visibility analysis very well so as to know what exactly you are going to be dealing with. A lot of people keep searching the web is blogging lucrative in Nigeria?

The best answer for this question is YES, blogging is very lucrative and it’s one of the best online business you can tap into and start making cool money if you know your beans/you have an expert at your back guiding you through the processes.

Most guys that are making it through blogging in Nigeria are either the “Agbas” who are already in the game for since or before 2010 or “facebook ads” guys. What do i mean by facebook ad guys? These people don’t bother about SEO or any other means of getting traffic, they rely solely on facebook advertisment.

This is the technics they use, they set up a blog with Google Adsense on it, then go to facebook to pay for advertisement in order to have more blog visitors. Though there’s more to this, just to gist you about how they operate.

What are Google Adsense and facebook Advertisement i used in the last line? You will get to know them later in this blogpost. Keep reading and don’t forget your glass cup of tea because i’ll be revealing all what you need to get started.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid in Nigeria?

Bloggers get paid in different forms in Nigeria. There’s something called PPC (pay per click) this is a process whereby bloggers are being paid whenever readers click on any advertisement displaying on their website. And there is another popular one called CPC (cost per click)

Cost per click works well for bloggers with high daily traffic most especially if those traffics are from search engines. Either of the two, they are both categorized under advertisement as a publisher. Bloggers get paid as a publisher by applying to be serving advertisement on their website/blog.

Also there’s another method called affiliate marketing which i’m going to be revealing later in this content. But let me gist you about it before then.

This is a process whereby you promote other peoples business on your website and you get paid whenever your readers successfully purchase a goods/services you are promoting. For this, you get a certain percentage as agreed earlier when you are applying for the program.

I hope you get the gist? People have not really been doing this, but there are many big boys in the game already. It’s simple but required to be smart!

By now, you should know the best answer for this question “how do bloggers get paid in Nigeria?” before getting to know how to start a blog in Nigeria.

Who Is The Highest Paid Blogger in Nigeria?

It’s good knowing more about the successful people in a business before diving and at the same time, it’s not all about successful people it is about the effort you put to become a successful business owner. However, i will list out the well-known successful bloggers in Nigeria.

So according to naijauto, i will list out the top 10 richest bloggers in Nigeria and their website url. Let’s go!

NameNet-worthWebsite url
1. Linda Ikeji$40mwww.lindaikejisblog.com
2. Omoyele Sowore$10mwww.saharareporter.com
3. Uche Eze Pedro$4mbellanaija.com
4. Noble Igwe$4m360nobs.com
5. Loy Okezie$3mtechloy.com
6. Chude Jideonwo$1mynaija.com
7. Makinde Azeez$800,000naijaloaded.com.ng
8. Stella Dimokokorkus$450,000stelladimokokorkus.com
9. Ademola Ogundele$400,000notjustok.com
10. Jide Ogunsanya$117,360ogbongeblog.com

I think from the above list you can deduce your point and get to know how’s the richest blogger in Nigeria? Another person that was suppose to be on the list is Seun Osewa but he is a developer not a blogger. Though he owns nairaland.com but that doesn’t make him a blogger.

So before we get started learning how to start a blog in Nigeria, let’s take a look at how much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria? I think you find it more useful!

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog in Nigeria?

The straight answer to this question, it’s depends on how you want the blog to look and the functionality. But you can start a blog with as low as N35,000 in Nigeria and as high as N300,000. All depends on your plans and how you want the blog to operates.

Some people will say they don’t normally have time and for this, they will employ staffs that will manage it on their behalf. While some would want to take the stress and start with low capital without employing any staff.

All you have to do is, get a good website designer and give them the work to do. I’ll always recommend Toshmoney because of his antecedents with bloggers in Nigeria. You can hire him, he’s a bad ass programmer as well!

Now, let’s talk about how to start a blog in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries.

How To Start a Blog in Nigeria and Make Money?

how to start a blog in Nigeria

In Nigeria, blogging is one of the best online business, i knew people who are making nothing less than $500 monthly as a blogger in Nigeria. You see some ignorant saying blogging in Nigeria has been saturated. Yes, they are right and no they are wrong.

You see, going into entertainment blogging now is wasting of time because entertainment blogging has been milked by the top bloggers and they are not ready to help the upcoming bloggers for free unless you offered them huge amount of money.

Why wasting your time on what is not going to yield out good? It’s better you change your steering and make a U-turn to the best aspect of blogging. To get started blogging in Nigeria, you will need the following steps:

Choose Your Niche

how to start a blog in Nigeria

What is niche in blogging and how do you choose the best niche to blog about in Nigeria? Let me be frank with you, average Nigerians like entertainments, sports and gossiping. Yeah they like it! But these niche are already saturated by top bloggers like Naijaloaded, Linda-Ikeji, Sowore, etc. The only way out for you is if you are ready to spend money promoting your blog and which i won’t advise you.

Niche in blogging is the main purpose of creating a blog. If your aim is to start blogging about sports then you falls in sports Niche and if you wish to start blogging about politics, gossips, music, net-worth, then you falls in Entertainments niche. And so on like that!

Below are the available niche you can tap into:

  1. Entertainment Niche
  2. Sport Niche
  3. Personal lifestyle
  4. Agro- Niche
  5. And so on like that.

Blogging Course – How to start a blog in Nigeria and make $1000 monthly?

Do you wish to be trained on how to start blogging business in Nigeria that makes nothing less than $1000 monthly? If your answer is yes, kindly sign up for this online course on blogging and thanks me later!

In this course you will learn how to start a blog, create and design any types of website for blogging and business purpose, you will also learn about SEO, SEM, and facebook advertisement.

According to my observations, i got to know the course has good reviews by students and other people.

Purchase Domain and Hosting

Another crucial steps you need to take after you must have decided on which niche to start blogging about is to purchase a domain name and hosting plan altogether. What is a domain name and hosting?

What is Domain Name in Blogging?

Domain is the name your website bears on the internet. The name people type into their browsers to visit your website! something like toshmoney.com, agroproductreviews.com, www.yourblogname.com and it could any extensions like .com, .co, .ng .com.ng and so on.

If you are choosing a domain name i’ll advise you to go for the one that suit the purpose of your blog because it’s this domain name that will represent your blog on the internet.

If you are in agro-niche consider domain like agropremeur.com or it may be .co or any extension. Kindly note that there are lots of extensions available.

What is Web Hosting in Blogging?

Web Hosting is the home of your blog, where the entire files in your website/blog are being stored in. Without hosting your website won’t be accessible online.

So I told you the other time that your domain name is the address to your blog/website. Like you already know, if you’re given an address definitely you want to visit a place right? Good!

Once a user type in your domain name into their browser definitely they are about to visit your website/blog.

The browser will make it easier for th to easily access your website because they have a valid address to where they are going to.

Hope you get it? The hosting is like a land where the building of a house are being built upon. Hosting manage everything about your website or blog.

Which means that it’s very important for you to always choose a good hosting plan when launching your blog/website online. It’s so much important!

There are many web hosting companies out there but few of them are reliable with good records of services provided. Should I tell you the best hosting platform? No, we’ve not gotten to that step, keep reading!

What Next after Domain and Hosting?

Even though I’ve not revealed to you the best Web hosting company so far, don’t worry we’ll get to the stage soonest. Let’s look at what next after you have successfully purchased your domain and web hosting altogether.

Since you’re creating a blog and not an agency website, you would only need a content management software (cms) to get your website created.

And the best ever cms for blogging is a software called WORDPRESS! Yes, wordpress is the best when comes to blogging as it has all the features you could ever imagine adding to your blog.

Now let’s look at WordPress software. By default there are 2 types of WordPress software; The originally WordPress software and the cloned one.

Sounds funny right? That’s life for you! Almost everything in this life has cloned type, you might not get to know it yet but later on.

You see there’s WordPress.org and WordPress.com software. Both can be used to create a professional website but there’s limit to what WordPress.com can do.

Without even telling you the original software by now you should know. WordPress.org is the main deal and shun WordPress.com if you really mean business!

WordPress.com is also cool, yeah people are creating amazing websites with it but there’s a limitation to its features comparing to the real software (WordPress.org) So don’t do the mistake!

How do you install WordPress.org and create amazing websites with it? This is where we’re going!

If you go to the homepage of this website toshconsult.com.ng you will see it’s an agency type website. Isn’t it? Good! It’s built on WordPress.org software.

You will see how beautiful and easy to navigate the website is. You will also get a bonus to create website like this in the guide.

WordPress Website Design For Absolute Beginners

If you’re like me that always want something to be done exact way i like, you don’t wanna keep disturbing a web designer to make amendments or add new design to your blog then you would learn how to create and design any types of website yourself.

Asides from your blogging career you will also find this skill useful now or later in the future. Maybe you need a website for your business or one of your friends, family, boss need a professional website for their business or agency you can easily build it for them and earn some cash.

You can also add this skill to your side hustle and make 6 figures online as a web developer. There are many platforms that allows web developer/designer to monetize their skills; Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and so on. Sounds interesting right? No knowledge is wasted!

Check this video out on how to start a blog in Nigeria in less than 20 minutes and make money.

About the Tutor?

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He will make you forget about searching online for how to start a blog in Nigeria!

Web Design Course content?

Kindly note that you don’t any prior coding skills before you can get signup for this course!

What you will learn in this course
  • Build your own beautiful website using WordPress.
  • Identify and solve all WordPress errors.
  • You will learn how to clone any WordPress website and make it look alike.
  • You will learn how to monetize any blogging niche and the best advertising network that fit each niches.
  • Install Premium themes on your WordPress website.
  • You will learn how to speed up & secure your website using special plugins.
  • Migrate your website from local server to web server.
  • And lots more!

Bonus in this course

You will also learn the following alongside:

  • You will be trained the best way to do SEO for a new and old blog/website.
  • Facebook advertisement that convert to traffic and sales.
  • Creation of MySQL database on web server.
  • Host and publish your website in an inexpensive and secure way
  • How to earn referral fee for every hosting you buy.

What are you still waiting for? purchase now and start living a standard and comfortable lifestyle.

Conclusion on How to Start a Blog in Nigeria and Make Money

I’ve shown you how to start a blog in Nigeria but might not the best way you might have thought about. Well the truth is, you need to spend money if you really want to start making good money online.

And there’s a saying “You will miss all opportunity to make money online if you don’t have money” Yes it’s true! You just need to sacrifice before you can enjoy the web space.

The course recommended for you is a full loaded course to teach you everything you need to get started blogging in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Kindly note that there’s 100% 7 days money back guarantee on the course. meaning that you can request for refund if the course seems not interesting to you.

But i bet you, you’d find more interesting and come back here to make a testimony!