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About Us

Tosh Consult is a young ever-growing world-class and Nigeria based digital agency founded 2013, offering web design, digital marketing and branding services.

Our web design, digital marketing ads & technical foundation deliver quality solutions. All of this for one true purpose of your growth.

We create outcomes that combine the most powerful parts of the strategy, creativity and technology. From award-winning websites to effective brands and beyond.

We Know What Works

Yes we know what works for every projects you bring onboard. We have experienced Professionals in every aspect of project you are willing to offer. Right from PHP Developer (for php scripts, wordpress plugins and so on), Python Programmer for Python programming language related works (Web scrpping, Automation, Python scripts for software development etc)

We also experienced professionals in the following fields:

  • Graphics work
  • Content development
  • SEO experts
  • Social media promotion manager e.t.c

Target All The Right Customers

We help companies grow their business, target the right audience and make sure it convert to sales. We have experts in brand building strategy field that are ready to serve your needs and will handle your projects effectively.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Before we lay hands on any projects, our expert will firstly analyze your project, look for the possible way to incraese the number of potential audiences that visit your platform and also make sure they convert to sales by providing writing good content to convince your audience.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

Before we get started with your project we will first create a mock-up of what you would getting from us. If you are okay with it(Which i’m very sure you would like it), we will go ahead executing the project but if not we’ll need to restrategize with you.

What We Do

We help you make your business thrive well online with our powerful set of tools:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO simply means search engine optimization. This is a free way publishers can easily drive traffic to their website from search engines.

Content Development

This involves creating pieces of content that drives potential traffic to your platform.

Website Development

We create websites from scratch, redesign website of various type such as:

  • WordPress Website
  • PHP Websites
  • Django website etc

Cyber Security

We have cyber security experts who are ready to give your software 100% security from hackers and likes.

Wordpress Plugins & Themes Development

Based on clients demand, we also develop wordpress plugins and themes for your needs.

Social Media Promotions

Social media promotion is another means to drive potential traffic to your platforms though it requires money to run.

Our Team Experts

Meet The Team

Abdulmaleeq Omotosho

Abdulmaleeq Omotosho

Founder & CEO

Official Toshmoney is a Programmer, Ui/Ux Designer and an affiliate marketer, he has a nag for technology and fancy gadgets. He is the Founder of Tosh Consult NG Ltd., as part of dreams to become a tech mogul.

Godwin Oluponmile

Godwin Oluponmile

Chief Content Writer

Godwin Oluponmile is a prolific content writing expert and a multi-award winning content marketer.

Blake Hammond

Blake Hammond

Social Media Promoter

Let's Work Together!

 We are ready to handle your project! Tell us your need, we brainstorm AND Build what suits your taste then we get your work delivered!


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